How it works

Operation Santa Claus helps the children of our patriots who are deployed away from home. Often, it is very hard for our troops to adequately gift their loved ones at Christmas because of being out of the country and due to a lack of family funds. No spouse or child should be left out at Christmas because their father or mother is a patriot serving our nation.

The holidays are very hard on the families of our service members serving far from home. Operation Santa Claus is designed to make this hardship a little less painful.

Our members all across America come together in homes, churches, community groups, and businesses to put together a shoebox of gifts specially designed for boys and girls.

They are also divided by age groups to ensure gifts are appropriate to their recipients. It is a sight to behold when our troops’ children open boxes “from Daddy or Mommy,” who are so far away! It is also quite a sight to see the expression on our Patriot’s face when they receive pictures and videos of their children opening their presents. This operation is without a doubt the most heart-warming of all we execute. No child of our Patriots should be left out at Christmas, and Operation Santa Claus endeavors to remedy that.

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