A Gold Star Family is a family that has lost an immediate family member in combat. The US Army officially calls the bereaved family members “Gold Star Survivors.”

The Army recognizes that no one has given more for the nation than the families of the fallen.

Over 6,000 US service member Patriots have died in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Families who lose an immediate relative are given certain financial payment and benefits from our government, but it is never enough to meet a grieving spouse’s genuine financial need. Operation “Gold Star Family” is designed to help meet some of the immediate financial needs of these hurting families as soon as possible after the loss of their loved one. Once Prayers for Patriots has confirmation of a new Gold Star Family in need, we jump into action and provide a one-time financial gift as soon as possible. Our goal is to get the gift to the family within less than one week after we are made aware of their loss.

While this operation will not provide all the finances these brave families will need in their future, but it will be a great material and emotional blessing in the immediate aftermath of such a devastating loss.

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