This is a program that sends our leadership team to our military’s overseas forward operating bases. There is a special emphasis on going to those bases where we have Patriots stationed in conflict zones. Our leadership team most often includes musicians, as well as ministers and other supportive staff.

“Boots on The Ground” is one of the most important operations that Prayers for Patriots conducts, as it does just what the name implies: It puts our praying, supportive boots on the same exact ground where our Patriots are risking life and limb.

Through this operation, our leadership team takes your love, prayers, and encouragement straight to the men and women of our armed forces who need it the most. Often in combat situations, living in very tough situations even when back on base, and separated from their spouses and children, these Patriots receive an amazing shot of hope and joy when our boots hit their ground. Each time one of these events is conducted, not only are the spirits of our troops lifted, but every Patriot is given the opportunity to join Prayers for Patriots so that they and their family back at home can be covered in daily prayer.

This is one of the most expensive operations that we execute, due to travel costs, shipping expenses, troop giveaways and so on. It is also one of the most needed and important.

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