If you love our troops and respect their service and sacrifice, the best way you can show that is by hosting a Patriot Rally!

Patriot Rallies are events where our team partners with your company, business group, non-profit or community organization to bring greater awareness to the needs of our United States armed service members. Groups and organizations of all types partner with Prayers For Patriots to create patriotic events to remember!

A typical Patriot Rally includes the following elements:

  • Amazing live music
  • Inspiring stories and testimonies from actual service members and their families
  • An informative and heartwarming explanation of all the services and programs that Prayers For Patriots offers our service members
  • An opportunity for children to learn what patriotism really means
  • An opportunity for attendees to serve the very patriots who daily risk life and limb for our life, liberty and happiness

How it gets organized:

When you contact Prayers For Patriots about hosting a Patriot Rally, one of our staff members will gather the initial important details, such as what organization you are representing and when and where you would like the rally to be held. Afterwards, one of our staff members will be partnered with a representative or your organization and more detailed planning begins. Our goal is to create the very best rally that we can; thus, planning stages may require one to three months, depending on your size and scope.

We have learned that organizational partnerships often provide our service members “the biggest bang for the buck”. Teamwork makes the dream work, so contact us today in order to begin your organization’s plan for hosting a Patriot Rally!

Start Your Rally Planning