First of all, from everyone at Prayers For Patriots, allow us to profoundly extend our most sincere gratitude and respect to you, our much loved United States armed service patriot! God bless you and your family!

We invite you to browse our entire website and learn about the different programs or “operations” that we offer to you and your loved ones. It is our privilege to provide you with as much prayer and support as possible.

We know that some of the patriots we support are currently serving stateside, and others are deployed far from country, home, and family. In either case, Prayers For Patriots is here for you!

Technology has made communication between our troops and support organizations like Prayers For Patriots so much easier than in years past. If you have a need that you feel we can assist with, don’t hesitate to contact our office. While we cannot provide a solution to every patriot or every situation, we strive to do all we can to meet the needs presented to us.

Again, browse through our website and become better familiar with our various operations and overall mission. Feel free to submit questions or requests online. To submit a prayer request, click here.

The most beneficial thing we offer to our patriots is the ability to join our mission for free. There is no cost to you or your family when you become a member of Prayers For Patriots.

What Can “Prayers For Patriots” do for you?

Primary Mission: Cover you, our United States military Patriot, in daily prayer, so that you and your family remain healthy in spirit, soul, and body.

  1. Provide daily prayers for wisdom and guidance for the primary national leaders of the United States armed forces.
  2. Connect and partner Christian civilians with service members who desire daily prayer for themselves and/or their families.
  3. Provide immediate prayer support for you through a prayer request submitted by email or on our website. Your request can be made using your name or anonymously, and will be able to be prayed for by every registered member (many thousands of members) across the country. That’s fast and serious prayer support!
  4. On you and your family member’s behalf, educate and equip America’s churches in order to provide the most effective methods of prayer for you, our Patriot, and your family left at home.
  5. Provide immediate financial support for your spouse and/or children in the case of being killed in action.
  6. Provide material and emotional support for your spouse and/or children while you are deployed far from home.
  7. Provide ongoing digital and printed resources, free of charge, that will strengthen you during difficult times of deployment.
  8. Provide “Boots on the Ground” prayer, encouragement, and support for service members serving overseas through short-term mission trips to those based in conflict zones.

Lastly, know that once a patriot signs up to join our Prayers For Patriots family, you are being prayed for on a daily basis, even if you have never yet met the person lifting you and your family up to God. Also, signing up is free and easy. After you sign up, you’ll receive a packet in the mail, welcoming you into our family. (If you are overseas, obviously allow a bit more time for your welcome packet to arrive). To begin receiving all your benefits, click here to join us today!